Seven Quick Thoughts on What the Facebook News Feed “Major Change” Means for Brands, Publishers and Public Figures

A few quick thoughts, from a digital marketing perspective, on Facebook’s big news this week, which promises to have far-reaching effects on Facebook News Feed and have adverse effects on brands (link to Zuck post below).

1. User Behaviour

I’ve spoken to maybe a dozen people in the last six months who have told me they don’t scroll news feed any more. They use Messenger, and groups, and that’s it.

2. Facebook Has All the Data About User Behaviour

I suspect Facebook are seeing their data showing this off-the-cliff-face plummet in user engagement in news feed, and knew they had to make massive changes.

3. Facebook Is Trying to Save the Ads Cash Cow

Why did they have to make massive changes? Because news feed remains the single easiest way for brands to reach users via advertising, and if users stop using news feed, it kills the ads cash cow.

4. These Facebook News Feed Changes Were Inevitable

Therefore, Facebook needs to take massive action to make news feed better if they are to get the user curve moving in the right way again, and therefore keep the golden goose laying its eggs.

5. Ads May Get More Competitive, but They Won’t Be Affected

My *guess* is that these changes will not affect ads at all. Facebook News Feed will just filter out all organic page content (or a high percentage of it) and people posts (by friends and family) will take its place. And ads will stay exactly where they are.

6. What It Means for Your Ad Budget

  • If you haven’t been spending on ads, you’ll need to start.
  • If you have been spending on ads, you’ll need to spend more.

(That is, if you still see reaching people on Facebook as a key part of your marketing plan.)

7. Organic Page Reach = Dead.

It has been dying since 2015. Now it’s officially Organic Reach RIP.


Here’s the announcement by Adam Mosseri, Facebook’s Head of News Feed.

And here’s Zuck’s post:

One of our big focus areas for 2018 is making sure the time we all spend on Facebook is time well spent.We built…

Posted by Mark Zuckerberg on Thursday, January 11, 2018