Life Well Lived Sponsorship 

As part of my mission to help people overcome their challenges, to explore their own one-time-in-history unique individuality, to embrace that uniqueness fully and to express it to the world, I write regular emails and blogs and publish the Life Well Lived Podcast to a loyal and growing audience all over the world.

Right now this entire project is self-funded.

I started the Life Well Lived Project in late 2017 with my first essay to a tiny email list.

That email list and those essays, blogs, Saturday morning bulletins and shorter notes to self have now been sent to thousands of recipients all over the world, from a 79-year-old in Seattle who told me I had given him a new perspective on his lifelong depression, to the New York City rabbi who encouraged me to keep going, to a climate activist photographer who enjoys receiving my bulletins on happiness every Saturday morning.

In order to take this to the next level and reach and impact more people, I need help.

I need help to hire a podcast editor, cover hosting costs and improve my systems and software so that I can tell as many inspirational stories about overcoming adversity and challenge and finding fulfilment and happiness as I can.

If you would like to get in touch about sponsoring any of my content, please get in touch below.

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