Shane Breslin Speaker Profile

Shane Breslin is a TEDx speaker and regularly speaks at community and corporate events on topics such as happiness, fulfilment and positive mental health.

First, the at-a-glance bullet-point overview:

  • TEDx: I am a TEDx speaker, speaking at a conference in Dublin, Ireland on depression, happiness and a journey between the two (Watch my TEDx talk here)
  • Corporate: I regularly speak at corporate and community events, including a World Mental Health Day launch at global giant EY in Belfast, Northern Ireland
  • Business / Community: I am a regular speaker at business, entrepreneurship and community events, including my first international talk at the 2019 Freelance Business Day for freelancers and entrepreneurs in Brussels, Belgium
  • Re-Stór: With brand storytelling and communications consultant Sally Murphy, I run the Re-Stór series of retreats and workshops aimed at business owners, entrepreneurs and executives and dedicated to helping attendees find a solution to their digitally disrupted work and personal lives, find the opportunity amid the overwhelm, and rediscover a sense of purpose, energy and fulfilment in their day-to-day

My motivations

Shane Breslin Speaker

If you’re seeking a tub-thumping, high-energy motivational speaker who will run through your event like a whirlwind, then I’m probably not for you.

If instead you would like to hear someone who brings truth, honesty and a deep integrity to all his talks and events, then I might be an option.

I am motivated by these three things:

(1) I believe happiness is a basic human right

(2) I believe for the most part we’re defining happiness wrong, that it’s much more about who we are than what we have, and that a core ingredient of happiness is acceptance for who we are

And (3) I believe the first step to happiness is knowing fully who we are and accepting it ourselves, because it’s hard to seek acceptance from others without first knowing and accepting ourselves

The impact of these three things over time can be profound.

Every great company or organisation is nothing more than a collection of individuals and a collection of processes. 

Paying attention to the happiness of the individuals makes it much more likely that the processes will be built to deliver real lifetime value for your company or organisation.

If this sounds like something your event, company or organisation would like to experience, please get in touch. I’d love to talk.

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