Coaching and Digital Communications

I run a company that specialises in working with business owners, entrepreneurs and executives to clarify their deepest values, craft messaging, content and digital experiences around those values, and bring them to the world.

  • I have worked in the media, publishing and nonprofit sectors for almost two decades
  • For more than three years I served as an independent consultant working with businesses and nonprofits to navigate the Internet world and economy
  • In 2019 I became a QQI Level 6 Accredited Life and Business Coach
  • In 2020 I established 3000 BC, a company which helps organisations find clarity about their truest values, then bring them to the world through messaging, content and digital experiences
  • My mission is to help myself and others to surf the wave of dissatisfaction that runs through so many of us, and discover the joy of discovery that lies on the other side of that dissatisfaction. I relish the opportunity to provide a great service to my clients, so that they in turn can provide a great product or service to their customers and clients, and onwards in a neverending virtuous cycle of incremental progress

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