Your own deep well of wisdom

There is one thing that’s true for everyone.

Wherever you are in the world, whatever you’ve done or seen or experienced, whether you’re 18 years old and just setting out on the path through adulthood, or you’re 78 and you’re thinking about how best to invest the final chapter of your life, it’s true for you.

And it’s this.

No-one, in the long history of this earth, has gathered the exact same set of experiences and struggles and values and skills and knowledge as you have.

No-one, ever.

All those things — the experiences and the struggles you’ve been through, the values you’ve identified and the skills you’ve earned and the knowledge you’ve built up — all of them add up to your own deep well of wisdom.

You, wherever you are in life, are in possession of a great well of wisdom, unlike anyone else who exists right now, and unlike anyone else who has ever lived.

Often, we diminish the value of our own knowledge and experience and skills, and magnify those of others.

Often, we see ourselves only through the prism of how we see others.

Consciously or otherwise, we compare ourselves, and we might find that we don’t match up to them.

And how could we?

We are unique in our way, and they are unique in theirs.

You are magnificent.

Your own deep well of wisdom makes you magnificent.

Breathe in your magnificence, raise your face to the world, and know that this day and every day that has gone and every day that will come will add another layer to the uniqueness of who you are.