The wonder of the growth of grass

Not far from where I live, there’s a road where I often walk, jog or cycle.

It’s a quiet road — not quite the “grass growing up the middle” type you sometimes get as you go deep into the Irish countryside, but whatever car traffic there is is sporadic and moves slowly, so it’s a safe haven for walkers and joggers and children learning to ride a bike or whizzing down a slope on a barely under control scooter.

During the early days of the pandemic, when general lockdown and the 2-kilometre rule was active, I passed a newly built house where a couple of men were putting the finishing touches on a new lawn.

The soil was raked, the stones were picked and seed was sown.

I passed there again last week.

It felt like no time had passed, but the grass was thick and reaching for the sun.

There is wonder in growth.

With some tending, and a little warmth and moisture, and a little time and space, things grow.

Whatever we’re trying to grow — a startup business, or our own understanding of ourselves and the world — we sometimes miss out at least one of the elements required.

Growth happens when we provide the sustenance needed and take care not to forget the time or the space.