Why is decision-making so hard?

Why is decision-making so hard?

We have an almost infinite number of choices ahead of us every day.

Watch this show. Read that article. Listen to this podcast. Open that app.

All of them are clutching at your attention, and the best* of them are helpfully designed by specialists in behavioral psychology who know better than you do how you’re going to respond to a certain trigger.

All the distractions make decision-making hard — deciding what to do — but it’s not the only thing.

Decision-making is hard, because most decision comes with a hundred tiny commitments to make that decision happen.

You decide to exercise more? Every day there’s another opportunity to double down or remove yourself from that commitment.

You decide to start a business? You cannot tell how many more commitments that’s going to take. (Although even if it doesn’t end in what others might call “success”, almost no-one regrets the decision to start a business…)

You decide to try a vegan diet, or keto, or paleo? Welcome to a world of infinite choices and obstacles, each of them pulling at your willpower.

Making a decision is a matter of being decisive.

But the true value of that decisiveness will only become clear when you give it time.

(* best = best to you may not be best for the shareholders)