Unfinished business

It’s often tempting to go back.

To return to that project that you completed, but not as you’d have liked.

To take up an offer from that former employer, because things will be different or better this time.

To rekindle a relationship with a former lover, because the present is often more challenging than the sepia-toned past.

The appeal of unfinished business is usually a powerful force.

But we can only hope to do what we’re currently doing as well as we can possibly do it, and tie up as many loose ends as we can.

As difficult as it can be, we must try to become at ease with unfinished business, because life is all unfinished business. Almost everything is unfinished, until it eventually finishes, usually in a way we wouldn’t have chosen.

Going back can create negative energy flow.

Better to start clean, start new, start fresh.

Keep moving forward.