Today Only Happens Once

Today is a once-off. Here for a few hours, and then gone, forever. Just like every day.

Today I’m in Brussels in Belgium to give a talk at the Freelance Business Day event at L42 to a room full of bright and ambitious aspiring freelancers and entrepreneurs.

I am nervous and excited, scared and energised.

Nervous because this is my first time on a stage outside of Ireland, and it’s a big step into the unknown.

Excited because I know that stepping into the unknown is what leads to growth and development, personally and professionally.

Scared because of the voice inside my head warning me not to screw it up. (It’s somewhere inside all our heads, right?)

Energised because I have met and become friends with so many amazing people over the past two years, and today I’m likely to meet and get to know some more.

Mostly, though, I am just so grateful to be here.

Grateful to be alive. Grateful to be invited. Grateful for the chance to breathe in a new city, amongst bright and ambitious and energetic people, some of whom might just become friends.

And grateful to experience this one day. I will never again be 41 years old and in Brussels and about to deliver my first presentation outside Ireland.

This one day, that just like all the others, will never come round again.