The thing about morning routines

I was on the local radio station here in Ireland this week. Part of a Monday motivation series, talking to people about life and what gets them out of bed in the morning.

The conversation turned to morning routines.

As I believe is typical in live media, you often think of key things that need to be said almost as soon as the time to say it has gone.

So here’s the thing about morning routines.

It has to work for you.

Test, try, tweak, do everything you can to come up with a morning routine.

But know this: someone else’s morning routine is very unlikely to work seamlessly for you.

And know this too: even when you find a morning routine that works, you’re very likely to try other new things, because there is almost always some improvement to find.

This is why chapter 1 of my still-half-written book is titled “Know Yourself”.

The Greeks had it spot on. Know thyself is one of the Dephic maxims, carved into the wall of the Temple of Apollo in Delphi in or around the 5th century BC.

Knowing what works for you comes from time and trial and experimentation. Your experiences are valid. Your experiences might just be the only ones that are fully valid for you.

We only really hear about other people’s morning routines because they have a voice or a platform. Their morning routines may or may not work for them.

Find out what works for you, and trust in that.