The power of the placebo effect

There’s something unspoken and unwritten that usually accompanies the words “the placebo effect”.

It goes something like this.

“The placebo effect is imaginary. The effect is real, but because it’s caused by imaginary factors, it’s less important than other factors that can be proven and repeated by science.”

There’s much that science doesn’t yet know about the human mind.

Outer space and inner space might be the two biggest frontiers for science for the 21st century and beyond: how far we can progress human understanding of the universe way out there, and the multiverse inside our brains.

One of the most fascinating things about the human mind is the placebo effect.

Placebo in Latin means “I will please”.

The placebo effect is how our mind changes things without any external factor.

The placebo effect can cause the progress of illnesses to be stopped or reversed.

The placebo effect is used in pharmaceutical test labs to test whether an experimental drug is effective.

Routinely, trial participants will be separated into two groups, one given the trial drug and one given a “sugar pill”.

Also routinely, the trials are conducted “double blind” so that neither the participants nor the testers know whether they’ve received an active drug or a sugar pill.

Often, both groups report benefits.

If a statistically significant difference is not proven in a repeatable way, the drug will not be approved.

Sugar pills can create placebo effects.

Many other things can also have the same result.

Meditation and positive self-talk affirmations are two other activities that can have placebo effects.

There’s a recurring theme in the old Napoleon Hill book Think and Grow Rich, called “the power of auto-suggestion”.

It’s the same thing.

By changing the way we think, we change the way we talk, dress and show up in the world.

The impact is powerful for ourselves as individuals, which is a great thing.

Maybe even more importantly, it’s powerful for the people who need us.

The placebo effect usually comes accompanied by some negative tone, something pejorative or diminishing.

Changing the way we think about the placebo effect has the power to change everything.