The most important thing

So much of our lives is code for the one truly important thing.

In the business world, we have B2B, B2C, Marketing, Communications, Human Resources, Finance, Senior Management Teams, and we have leadership programs, and MBAs, and executive presence, and public speaking.

We have mission statements, and company values, and diversity & inclusion protocols, and ethics, and quarterly reports, and performance reviews.

All of those things are important, but if we aim for them exclusively, we might miss what they actually stand for.

Because all of them are about people.

If we measure our contribution by how many people we actually help, and re-commit to this each day, each week, each month, then we might find that we enjoy success that’s beyond our wildest dreams.

Because success that’s measured by how many people we truly connect to, and actually help, is the only success that will make us comfortable with ourselves on those days, maybe many years from now, when we sit in a quiet room on our own and reflect on how we lived our life.