The End of Things

Shane Breslin Blog: The End of Things

Things rarely end the way we’d like them to end.

Endings with all the loose ends nicely tied up for a satisfactory finish are common only in fiction, and even there it’s rare that all strands come smoothly together.

In real life it’s rarer still.

Whether it’s our death, or the countless small endings that happen during our life — relationships, or jobs, or business ventures among them — it’s rare for everything to be wrapped up tidily. Unfinished business usually remains that way.

An ending is only a point in the march of time, which is endless. It’s an ending only in perception, not in any reality.

The challenge then is not to aim for satisfactory endings. Or if a satisfactory ending comes about, to think of it as an added extra, a welcome bonus we’ll glad accept but not perhaps to be expected.

The challenge is to take all the moments that come before then and consider them as minute and multiple daily opportunities to show up with grace.

This doesn’t mean we should just let things slide, allow events to move to chaos.

Events move to chaos, anarchy and entropy of their own accord anyway.

So we should continue to tend our gardens, and whenever our thoughts drift towards the outcome of our work, the recognition or rewards or rejection or failures that may come at some indeterminate point down the line, let us gently remind ourselves that the outcome will arrive at an unspecified point in the future, and it is something we can almost never predict.

Head down. Start here. Start now. Because we’ll always have the here and the now.

Until the day we don’t. (And by then we won’t be worrying about it anyway…)


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