The danger of labels

Why are we so desperate for labels?

I’m an edge case.

My birthday leaves me between two star signs (Libra / Scorpio).

My birth year leaves me between two generations (Gen X / Millennial).

My psychological profile leaves me between four colours (equal parts red, yellow, green and blue).

When I played Gaelic football, my club was on the outskirts of a town that already had two powerful clubs, so to people in the town our smaller club was seen as a country team, but to people in the country we were always a town team.

I can’t imagine life without both the bustle of the city and the solitude of remoteness.

My career leaves me between many buckets (writer, journalist, marketer, entrepreneur).

There is an inevitability of suffering in life, but life is a panoply of wonders too.

These opposites — the capacity for suffering and wonder — might be in all of us.

I yearn for different things, all the time.

I want to try everything.

I want to experience all the places, taste all the food, meet all the people.

I don’t ever want be part of a group or label that constructs an identity around me and constricts me forever within its  walls.