Stillness and stagnation

It’s a world of fine lines.

Stillness is a wonderful thing. The stillness of a meadow at dawn. The stillness of the surface of a lake on a calm day. The stillness of a violinist’s fingers before a crescendo.

Stagnation, defined in the dictionary as “the state of not flowing or moving”, is not. Stagnation is to be identified and avoided. Stagnation is when something has been still for so long that it has forgotten how to move.

Deciding to be still for a moment, or deciding to pay attention to stillness in the world, is an investment that will reap dividends.

But allowing ourselves or anything around us to stagnate, to become stagnant, is a threat to our happiness.

So it’s better that we flow and move.

But it’s better still, every now and then, and just for a while, to decide to be still.

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