The reality illusion

Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.

– Albert Einstein

I’ve been toying with the “reality as illusion” idea for a while.

There are certain things that are definitely real, definitely not an illusion.

Yesterday I was washing out a tin can, and the sharp edge sliced a 1-centimetre gash in my hand. That certainly didn’t seem or feel anything like an illusion.

But still.

Lots of things are seen as real but are pure illusion, little or nothing more than a shared belief system.

Money, for example, is a belief system shared by almost everyone. (It’s part of the reason the success of cryptocurrency relies squarely on having a critical mass of people who believe it to be true. When faith in a shared belief system is shaken, the whole thing can quickly come tumbling down.)

Job security does not exist. Jobs can be ultra-secure right up until a week or two before they’re gone.

For every media story of cruelty or hardship or evil, and they are both abundant and absolutely real, there are a million untold stories of beauty and compassion and generosity.

Are they any less real, just because they are untold?

So get out there and be real, whatever you decide that is.