Quick hits and slow balms

So many products are designed to satisfy the human yearning for a quick hit.

Everything from Coca-Cola and chocolate to Twitter and Facebook satisfies the urge for a quick spike of dopamine that they so reliably provide.

In the 21st century everything has moved towards quickness. But speed doesn’t necessarily mean effective or even efficient.

The opposite of the quick hit is the slow balm.

Getting very clear on a problem to be solved, a challenge to be overcome, a goal to be achieved, and then taking the slow steps to do it, day by day by day by day.

There’s no dopamine spike but there is a balm that soothes us at a deep level.

Almost every moment of every day we face choices between the quick hit and the slow balm.

Taking the time to get clear on where we’re going, and then moving towards that point little by little every day, can feel hard when we want the quick hit.

But the more we experience the slow balm, the more we realise the power it has over everything, not just our fickle dopamine levels.

Slow and steady wins the race.