The power of setting intentions

I’m quite sure there will be people reading this for whom the words in here will be simplistic beyond belief. People who habitually set an intention to do something, and then go and do it, and don’t think the slightest more about it.

If that has become your habit, I commend you for it.

It was not mine, not for a long time. Even now, two years after the start of my journey of self-exploration, two years into a commitment to self-analysis and personal development, even now there are many days when my intention is set and fails, or does not get set at all.

But I have managed it on enough days now to know that the power of intention is massive and vital.

Perhaps there are readers who have had similar struggles, or who have not yet become aware of intention and its power.

Setting an intention, and delivering on it, is a singularly powerful thing.

Confidence comes less, I think, from big victories, and more from minuscule self-affirming moments, a multitude of tiny wins repeated often over time.

Integrity comes from doing what you said you were going to do, even if you said it to no-one but yourself.

Confidence and integrity are intangibles, but when you don’t have them, not having them can affect everything.

Setting an intention, then, and delivering on it, builds confidence and integrity, and allows us to be the best version of ourselves on any given day.

Some recent intentions I’ve set:

  • To be present with my kids (it’s been surprisingly difficult, but very rewarding…)
  • To enjoy November (it feels like a bit of a forgotten month, increasingly taken over by the creep of Christmas commercialism)
  • To deliver the most important work for my best clients in the first three hours of each day (because my clients make everything else possible, and the work I do for them is probably my best marketing investment)
  • To write every day (hence, this post and all others in this 100-day daily blog experiment)
  • To spend less time on social media (Facebook and Twitter apps are now gone from my phone, which was an instant balm for the mind)

Confidence is growing and integrity is building.

If you’ve struggled with intention-setting, or you’re still not convinced, it. Try it. Set a small intention for today, and commit to deliver it, and see how it feels.

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