The first step of personal development

The first step of personal development is a personal values exercise.

Go to any decent-sized bookshop (real or virtual) and the shelves of books in the self-help section will be almost endless.

There’s incredible value in reading. Books have been my go-to for everything — for learning, for growing, for coping — for as long as I can remember.

But the books will mean nothing without the first step.

A personal values exercise.

But what are your values? Your values are everything you believe is important in the way you live.

It covers everything from the people around you to how you spend your free time, from your day to day work to your long-term purpose and vision for life. Personal values covers everything in life, but so many of us never take the time to know some of the most important things about ourselves.

What are your values? What do you love? What is good for your soul? What is non-negotiable?

Reflecting on your values, turning them over in your mind, writing them down, and then testing them against everything you’re doing in your life can be a transformative experience.

Suddenly things that seemed to matter greatly can become almost irrelevant. And things you were struggling to find time for can become your number one priority.

Personal development is vital for a life well lived.

And personal values form the foundation stone.