Patrick Bet-David and Brené Brown on taking steps forward

Some of the inspiration for yesterday’s short post on reaching your potential came from two people I admire in very different ways.

Brené Brown has spoken about something she calls FFTs (“f***ing first times”) and Patrick Bet-David produced a wise video on “How to reach your potential”, which is especially worth checking out if you’re into entrepreneurship or business.

Potential is an ephemeral thing.

It invites us to step forward into an uncertain future which then quickly becomes an uncomfortable present as we figure out what to do.

I liked both of these perspectives on stepping forward boldly into the uncertainties that are unavoidable in our own individual lives.

Brené Brown on FFTs

For all of us, being new at something is incredibly vulnerable. Even when we’re excited and committed … the awkward, uncomfortable time comes right after the excitement, and it feels awful.

If the definition of vulnerability is uncertainty, risk and emotional exposure, then being new at something is the epitome of vulnerability.

The only way to get to the other side of the discomfort of being new is to push right through the middle.

Source: Brené Brown on FFTs, Unlocking Us podcast

Patrick Bet-David on reaching your potential

Say you’re playing an RPG role-playing game. The idea of video games is to do what? To move up, another level, another level, and as the levels go higher, the game gets tougher but you also become tougher as you’re levelling up. Can you imagine playing a video game with 20 levels and next getting past level 5?

What’s your true capacity? Why not wake up today and say, ‘It’s about time I seek my capacity?’

What is your level of capacity?

If you say, ‘I feel I can be anythign in life, because my mom told me I can be anything in life!’

Your mom lied. You can’t be anything in life. You can’t be Lebron James. You can’t be Usain Bolt.

But you do have your capacity.

Source: Patrick Bet-David on Reaching Your Full Potential

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