Our relationship with time


The most precious asset any of us have. If you can even call it an asset. Money is an asset. Freedom is an asset. Attention is a massive asset in the mass fragmentation of the 21st century.

But time. Maybe time is just time.

Three things happened this week that brought time, and how it passes, to mind.

  1. I watched “Bob’s Choice”, a beautiful, heartfelt and searingly sad documentary about the last 10 weeks of a man’s life. Bob Fuller took his own life under Washington state’s “Death With Dignity” law last year, and he invited a documentary crew to tell the story. For anyone interested in how we die, “Bob’s Choice” is well worth watching.
  2. I received Seth Godin’s daily email. Often Seth’s emails go to a few hundred words, but this one was stark. Two lines, entitled “Borrowed time”:
    All of us are on borrowed time. There are no refunds and there are no guarantees. At some point, the only time you’ll have to worry about is the time you’ve wasted.
  3. I listened to this short podcast by Rob Moore, the entrepreneur and Internet “influencer” who’s loud, brash and seriously knowledgeable about the way the world works in 2020:
    Stop managing time. Stop trying to manage time. You cannot manage time! Time is time. We all have the same amount. In fact, I’d argue time is managing you. You are not beating time. Time is beating you. All you can manage is yourself. Your emotions, your energy, your priority, your productivity. You can manage those, but you cannot manage time.

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