On Self-fulness

We hear a lot of advice about mindfulness.

And we’re tentative about being guilty of selfishness.

Perhaps we could think of investing in some self-fulness.

About three thousand years ago, the Greeks encouraged us to “know thyself“, expanded on Socrates when he said that “the unexamined life is not worth living”.

And yet we often feel that investing in ourselves is somehow bad. Because being labelled selfish in any way is always an accusation, right?

So perhaps self-fulness could be a nice change of direction. An investment in self, but for the purposes of growth and learning and development about that self and its place in the world.

All so that we can better know ourselves, show up more powerfully and make our unique contribution to the greater good.

That can’t happen without some self-investment.

(Another way to think about it: Putting on our own oxygen mask first before we attend to anyone else’s.)