A new experiment in daily blogging

This is the first day of a new experiment in daily blogging, inspired by Seth Godin.

I’ve been reading Seth’s daily blog for about six years now. I don’t read every one of Seth’s emails, but I open them several times a week. I don’t love every one of Seth’s emails, either, but if the proof of the pudding is in the eating, I’m clearly getting enough value to keep coming back for more.

I have signed up for and opted out of so many emails over the years, and in the end the majority are trying—subtly or not so subtly—to sell me something. Even if they’re not selling me something directly, they’re still very often selling something. A lifestyle. A brand. A mentality.

I rarely visit Seth’s website. The email lands in my inbox and I either read it or I don’t. Every few months I clear out my emails, and delete or archive hundreds of emails, including Seth’s, en masse.

I’ve never really considered daily blogging before. Which is strange, as one of the cornerstones of my day now is writing. If I go through a day without writing, it’s likely to be a more stressful day. So the formula of

if write then
less stress
end if

is one I value highly (it’s a result of lots of self-experimentation and self-exploration, about which more further down the road in this experiment…)

Seth posted a blog this week about the habit of daily blogging: The first 1000 are the most difficult.

He wrote:

What I’ve found is this–after people get to posting #200 or beyond, they uniformly report that they’re glad they did it. Give it a try for three or four months and see what happens…

So that’s what this is.

A daily blog about happiness, fulfilment and a living a life well lived. Day 1 of giving it a try for three or four months.

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