We probably don’t need more information

By default, we often believe we need more information.

More knowledge. More courses. More qualifications.

We probably don’t.

Information used to require a significant investment.

Think back to the World Book or Encyclopedia Britannica. They cost a gazillion to produce, and a pretty penny to buy. Now we have Wikipedia, which trumps every other encyclopedia in the history of humanity, and is free.

Now we have Google and YouTube and phenomenal courses for a few dollars on Coursera or Skillshare or CreativeLive.

In the past, the news media gave us information tomorrow for a fee. These days, we can have almost all of it right now, for free.

We probably don’t need more information.

We probably need more action.

We probably need more accountability.

We probably need more trust.

We probably need deeper relationships.

We probably need better focus.

We probably need to produce better work.

(And if we really need more information, then we’re in luck. Whatever we need, we can have it. In many cases in seconds, and for free.)


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