Love and “in love” are two different things.

“In love” is a beautiful fleeting moment.

Love, though, love is enduring and deep.

Even if we’re alone and haven’t found someone, or a relationship hasn’t worked out and we’ve endured the turmoil of separation, or we’re in the lifelong grieving process for someone no longer with us, love is still there, still deep within us.

Love is unquenchable. It influences every decision we make. To paraphrase Nietzsche, every little thing we do in life is to be loved a little more.

Three final things about human beings and love, as told to me by a wise man.

We are all lovable.

We are all loving.

We are all loved.

(Those three things were told to me by Frank Diamond, former missionary priest and malaria survivor, in episode #7 of my Life Well Lived podcast.)