It’s up to us now

It’s up to us now.

The world is enveloped in a seething mass of division.

Left vs Right, East vs West, US vs China.

Meat-eaters vs plant-based vs keto vs paleo.

Racism, climate change, Covid-19.

Trump, Bolsonaro, Putin, Orban in Hungary, Erdogan in Turkey, Lukashenko in Belarus.

Division and protest is everywhere, and when that happens, riots and unrest and war might not be far behind.

We face a troubling winter. Election in the US, a growing pandemic, economies feeling the pinch of recession, and tens of millions to be newly jobless.

Every one of us has an opportunity to bring something better to each day.

A smile, a small token of appreciation, a phone call we’ve been meaning to make.

Brene Brown, in her book Braving the Wilderness, wrote:

“People are hard to hate close up.”

In our handful of little exchanges each week — an hour with family, a morning work check-in Zoom call, a minute at the coffee counter — we hold extraordinary power to shift the needle on the flow of energy.

With just a word or a smile or a look into someone’s eyes or a well-meant “thank you” we hold extraordinary power to transform someone’s day, and the ripple effects from that can continue endlessly outwards for days.

It’s up to us now, to get close up, however we can, and discover that we are all different, and we are all one.

And more important than all that, to discover that all of us need each other now, maybe more than we ever have.