I am all of these people

At any given time, depending on who I’m with, I am one of these people.

  • A lover to a phenomenal woman who has suffered plenty but loves him still.
  • A father to two young children, and trying not to screw up the biggest responsibility of them all.
  • A business owner, trying to figure things out, edge stuff forward and deliver work that delivers value for clients who bring positive energy to the world.
  • A reader, because words assembled into sentences matter more than almost anything.
  • A writer. (Books in the works: 3; books published: 0. Hoping to change that score this year).
  • A host of a podcast about navigating the challenges of life, becoming our best selves in the world and ultimately, healing unhappiness.
  • A person who loves speaking, and wants to do more of it, because he’s found that the best speakers make me see the world differently.
  • A self-experimenter.
  • A self-developer.
  • A friend who would like to be a better friend.
  • A traveller who has only just realised how essential travel is.
  • A sports lover, but only when there’s a history and context and where everything’s on the line. (Watching Tom Brady’s quest for a sixth Super Bowl ring ticks all the boxes).
  • A credit risk. (On the ropes since 2009, met the canvas once or twice, but hanging in there, and planning on paying every cent back).
  • A mental health risk.
  • A conscientious worker, but never again a 9-to-5-er.
  • A runner. (A slow runner, but he’s the only one in my race, so that’s okay.)
  • A wannabe triathlete.
  • A learner swimmer.
  • A talker.
  • A learner listener.
  • A big guy.
  • A skinny guy.
  • A web guy.
  • A man. (One who loved the inclusive power of Colin Kaepernick but hated the divisive crudeness of Gillette.)
  • A digital marketer. (Who wonders if in 20 years’ time he will be labelled by some people with a term that doesn’t exist now? He hopes so.)
  • A perennial student.
  • A brother who loves his siblings, even if they don’t understand.
  • A son who loves his parents, and would love to make them proud.
  • A feeler more than a thinker. (He thinks about everything, but he feels his way into all important decisions.)
  • A creator (so says Wealth Dynamics, and he agrees).

I am all of these things.

Maybe tomorrow or next week, I might leave all these behind and become some new things to new people.

As Eric Thomas, ET the Hip-Hop Preacher, says:

I am.

I am whoever I say I am.

I am.

Four truths for today

I am Shane Breslin.

I am here.

I am here, and I am breathing.

I am here, and I am breathing, and I am here to make a difference.