Gary Vee on happiness — the ultimate return on investment

I’ve been paying attention to Gary Vaynerchuk for about two years now.

I really like his intelligence, his integrity and authenticity and his combination of absolute humility and unbreakable confidence.

His expletive-laden speeches and general tone can undoubtedly rub some people up the wrong way. (One example from a recent keynote speech, on the state of the economy and the opportunities available to business owners right now: “If you’re an entrepreneur and you’re not crushing it right now … you suck.”)

But when you cut through the bravado and listen to the message, it’s rare that he isn’t hugely convincing, and part of his appeal that while his brand has skyrocketed, and his businesses have benefited, he isn’t leveraging that brand to sell his audience anything (apart from the odd pair of sneakers).

The are several “Gary Vee on happiness” videos around the web, and all of them add value.

Recently he encouraged people to take a good hard look at why they buy certain things. “The amount of people that have a job they hate and they buy things they don’t care about to impress people they don’t give a f*** about, scares the sh** out of me.” (Check out the 2-minute video on that note here)

In another video from earlier this year he says, “I just don’t understand how people think wealth is the gateway to happiness. The gateway to happiness is to love your process. Whatever that may be. Whether that creates wealth or doesn’t. Whether that creates legacy and art or doesn’t. Whether it creates impact in the world or it doesn’t.”

Below he talks about the ultimate ROI being happiness … and the freedom to decide what makes you happy on a daily basis.

Gary Vee on happiness

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