Finding mastery

I have been a master for a long time.

A master of duplicity, presenting one stylised version of me to the world and keeping the real one away from the light.

A master of pretense, pretending things are okay when things are not.

A master of avoidance, distracting myself from big important questions by getting busy with small urgent tasks.

I did not intend to become a master of these things — of duplicity, of pretense, of avoidance — but I achieved a mastery nonetheless, through the habits forged by daily repetition.

So I’m wondering.

If I can chisel out mastery at things that do not sustain me, can I repeat that process of daily repetition to find mastery in some other positive arenas?

Some productive things in which I’d like find mastery:

  • Being present
  • Writing
  • Interviewing
  • Creating video
  • Becoming the best husband and father I can be
  • A fast and reliable first serve

How will I know when I get there?

I’m not sure I will.

But I don’t think “there” is the point.

The journey is.