Fencing systems

Out in the park one recent morning, my eye was drawn to a new fence, marking a new riverside entry point, to be used, presumably, for easy access for the likes of the ambulance and river rescue services.

It’s an impressive structure, no more than 100 metres or so, but a warm colour of wood and a green mesh that blends smoothly in with the grassy environment.

The fence was erected no more than a few months ago, but already along its outer perimeter there is a path worn down in the grass, used by walkers taking a step off the main path, or by teenagers seeking some privacy for a few cans of beer or a night-time kiss.

It got me thinking.

There was no path there before, and an unintended but obvious consequence of erecting the fence was the path.

What other fencing systems exist in our lives?

Roger James Hamilton, the entrepreneur who has built communities for other entrepreneurs all around the world, talks about plumbing systems for your finances.

How does money flow?

And how can you make sure you’re creating a plumbing system that allows the money to flow?

It’s a similar thing: setting up boundaries which allows or encourages other things to flow: whether it’s money in various accounts ring-fenced for utilities, expenses or investments, or a pathway through the woods along a river bank.

How can we create boundaries in our lives which allows beneficial things to flow?

How can we build our own fencing or plumbing system?

There’s no easy answer. It requires a little advance planning and investment, but the planning and investment should create dividends further down the line.

[Returning to finances, one example of a fencing system is the direct debit. There is a reason that electricity or mobile phone or mortgage companies want you to set up direct debit payments: it creates a regular flow, without friction. Once it’s set up, it just happens … as long as the money is in your account to meet it!

It feels like a good aim to try to set up the in-flow of our finances in as rock-solid and watertight a way as we routinely set up the out-flow…]