One minute about faith

Today is Good Friday, the date that commemorates the crucifixion of Jesus in Christian church teachings.

Christianity is a worldview, a belief system shared by hundreds of millions of people around the world.

All religions and faiths and creeds rest on their own belief systems.

None offer any proof. The contract is one of faith.

Organised religions are based on collective faith, and the collectiveness is important.

That collectiveness gives us the human connection that we all crave.

But collectiveness is not essential for faith.

When it comes to the gods and the cosmos, faith is an individual matter.

You can believe one thing and I another and the world continues to turn.

When we remove our ego and our pride and our desire to bend someone else to our will, our individual faiths co-exist peacefully, even beautifully.

My faith is for me and me alone. Yours is for you.

If whatever it is we believe gives us strength on the hard days, that’s probably the best we can ask for.