We are what we are most exposed to.

If we are exposed to hardship, we’re more likely to be hard.

If we’re exposed to abuse, we’re more likely to be abusive.

If we’re exposed to free-spirited beings, we’re more likely to be free-spirited.

As children, we have no choice over what we’re exposed to, and many spend the rest of their lives trying to understand and deal with that.

As adults, though, most of us have choices.

Choices about the work we do, choices about how we spend our leisure time, and who we spend it with, choices about where we live and how.

Those choices can seem difficult, impossible even, because as humans we’re hardwired to resist change, because for most of the 50,000 years of our species history, change was life-threatening.

Now, though, that’s almost never the case.

What are you exposed to, every day and every week? If you don’t like it, could you change it?