Posts About Energy #2: The Ripple Effect

I was never a brilliant science student at school, but I remember something that means a lot more now, with all the experiences of adulthood.

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

The first action takes energy. And the energy generates the equal and opposite reaction.

If we put it another way, energy creates energy. Put another way again, we get back energy when we give it.

We can be intentional about the kind of energy we’re giving out today.

We can be intentional about this every day.

Every moment of every day is an opportunity to generate energy. It doesn’t have to mean a sudden overhaul of our entire personality. It can start small. It can start with an intentionally warm smile for the barista, or a brighter-than-usual hello for the bus-driver.

You might not get this energy back with interest the first time, but what happens if we do it twice, three times, four times?

What happens is a ripple effect.

And when we start to generate positive energy, those ripple effects are a sight to behold.

Chances are, if we’re not creating positive energy, it’s very likely we’re unintentionally bringing the negative variety. And here’s the thing: negative energy creates a ripple effect too.

Which is it to be?

[This is the second post in an open-ended series of musings on energy. Click here for all posts in this series.]

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