The energy of the right path

I spoke with a friend of mine earlier this week, for the first time in a long time.

Melissa is an energy healer, and she radiates a beautiful energy. She left a corporate life and lifestyle in New York several years ago and moved to Hawaii, where she works with women and couples.

She mentioned a video by Caroline Myss from a number of weeks back, where the author spoke about the world amid coronavirus and reflected on her time walking the Camino in northern Spain with friends.

Those that are on the Camino are obvious, they’re wearing backpacks, and they’re all going in the same direction. The people that you pass or end up sitting next to for a break, everybody talks to you. Everybody says ‘Blessed Camino’ to you, ‘Blessed Walk’ to you, and we’re all going in the same direction.

One day, on this walk, while we were walking through a town, i stepped off the sidewalk. We were on the Camino path through the town, and I just stepped off the sidewalk, just one inch of the sidewalk.

Now I was in the town area, off the energy of the Camino, and nobody said blessed anything to you, they were just going about their everyday life, walking this way and that. I was into the energetic chaos of ordinary life.

I took a step, and I was back on the Camino, and everybody was walking the same way and smiling … Everybody knew where we were going, everybody was walking the same way.

And I realised that this was a tunnel of grace. This 1000-year walk was a tunnel of grace, having been walked by how many countless pilgrims, all on this walk toward God, this pilgrimage, this walk of faith, with some prayer in their heart, some reason. It was a walk of transformation, a walk of hope, a walk for a reason.”

All 20 minutes of it is worth pausing for and listening to.

She talks about:

  • what walking in faith might mean (and it’s not specific to any religion, or even to what we call “religion” at all)
  • the problems of the present moment
  • the nature of the mystical divine and why it’s not based on logic or reason
  • how we can give each other hope

Watch “The world is going to start over again” by Caroline Myss on YouTube here