Posts About Energy #1: Energy = Currency

I will write about energy more than once on this. I will write about energy a lot. So it makes sense to start off the initial energy post in this daily blog series — about energy is currency — with the #1 attached, as this is likely to become a miniature series in its own right.

Over the past two years, I have paid close attention to how we, as people, react to certain things happening. I’ve paid close attention to how we behave in certain situations. I have studied in depth how we make a choice between either navigating a way past the pitfalls of everyday living, or allowing ourselves instead to see ourselves as victims of negative external forces.

During those two years, I have come to realise this.

Energy is the currency of the world.

Time might be money, but energy is more important than both.

Without energy, time and money are useless.

We work, or start businesses, or try to invest wisely, to generate money. We manage or save or try to make the most of time.

Too often, though, we don’t treat energy with the respect it deserves.

Energy is currency. Energy is everything. Energy makes everything happen.

Thinking consciously today, even for five minutes, about what gives you energy and what takes your energy away, and deciding to spend just a little more time on the first, and just a little less time on the second, could be the most important five minutes your week.

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