Diminishing tolerance

As life goes on, our tolerance diminishes.

When we’re younger, our appetite for tolerance is high. As the years and decades pass, this reduces and reduces and reduces. A typical 71-year-old accepts much less crap than a typical 21-year-old.

Accepting too much crap without speaking truth to bullshit (© Brene Brown) chips away at our self-esteem. We learn through experience, and eventually, with the passage of time, we refuse to tolerate a lot of the things that we should not tolerate.

We should not tolerate corrupt politicians.

We should not tolerate technical jargon that’s designed to confuse.

We should not tolerate vacuous commercial radio that adds to the din around us with inane chatter and incessant ads.

This diminishing of our tolerance levels from the high water mark of our youth, it’s good.

But when our tolerance levels reach the waterline and just keep on going–so that we tolerate only the things that uphold our version of the world and nothing that doesn’t serve us in the short term, right here, right now–it’s bad.

Diminishing tolerance is noble. But if we’re to be calm, not cantankerous, there’s a happy medium to be found.