A re-commitment to daily writing

Inspired by two people I admire a lot, Seth Godin and Tyler Cowen, I’m back to daily writing — publishing one short blog a day.

Seth is a business and marketing writer who, through his online learning vehicles, is transforming the online education industry.

Tyler is an economics professor at George Mason University and runs the Marginal Revolution website (strapline: Small Steps to a Much Better World).

Both Seth and Tyler have been publishing one blog per day for well over a decade.

Seth on daily blogging:

I haven’t missed a day in many, many years – the discipline of sharing something daily is priceless … Over time, the blog adds up. People remember a blog post a year after I wrote it. Or they begin a practice, take an action, make a connection, something that grows over time. The blog resonates with people in so many fields, it’s thrilling to see how it can provoke positive action.

Tyler on writing every day:

I write daily, in almost a religious manner. I write on Christmas Day, I write on Sundays. I like to quit writing before I get tired of writing, that way I’m hungry to come back the day after. And the real enemy in writing is days when you get nothing written. If you write something every day, I don’t care how much or how little it is, it’s going to add up, and over time you’ll get more done each day. Just make it an absolute rule. It might not be writing for everyone, but whatever it is, do it every day, get better at it every day. Do it.

Writing is essential to me, and I understand how skills compound, so writing something every day seems sensible.

My daily writing

My daily writing will be about improving how to think, how to live, how to interact with others, how to show up in the world. Overall, it’s how I might be marginally better at whatever I’m doing every day.

My commitment is 200 words a day, and none will be longer than 400. (I write longer essays, here)

On average, people read about 150-200 words a minute. So 200-400 words a day is between 1-3 minutes of reading time.

There are two ways to receive each blog:

[This is 399 words, so on the upper limit. I’ll be back each day with more.]