Conservation and scarcity

The scarcity mindset is a real thing. I wrote about scarcity vs abundance mindset on the blog quite a while ago.

Having a mindset that is built on scarcity can hold us back from some of the most wonderful moments that life has to offer.

But we can’t just pretend that the elements that add up to a scarcity mindset are all bad, or unjustified, or unhelpful.

If we look at it another way, some of the things that might be criticised as hallmarks of “scarcity mindset” could equally fall in the category of conservationism.

Abundance mindset is often good, but when it relates to natural resources, it’s better to lean on the side of conservation.

For a century or two, we have plundered the planet of finite natural resources, and we’re paying a price for that — and asking our children to pay a price — in ways that we’re only beginning to understand.

When it comes to resources, being conservative is not scarcity mindset.

It’s being clever, and mindful of the future, and generous.

The world isn’t here to give us everything we’ve ever wanted.

And that’s a good thing.