Ambition, acceptance and profound truth

It’s the paradox of profound truth in our daily happiness: balancing the restless ambition to be better with the restful acceptance of being just enough.

To have the ambition to improve and develop ourselves is, I think, a critical ingredient in happiness.

Tony Robbins defines happiness as progress, and it has been my experience too that I am happier when I am making small progress every day. Big leaps forward are great, but they rarely happen. Overnight successes usually take ten years of daily grind.

So an aspiration of self-development is vital.

Yet the flip side is also true.

Accepting ourselves for what we are is also a critical ingredient in happiness.

Even if rationally we’d like to move faster, aim higher, reach further, we must still accept ourselves today, in this moment, as enough.

Niels Bohr, the Nobel Prize-winning Danish physicist of the early 20th century, said that the definition of a profound truth was the fact that the opposite is also a profound truth.

So it’s okay to have a restless ambition to become more than we are today. And it’s also okay to accept ourselves fully when we fall short.

And maybe it’s more than just okay. Maybe it’s profoundly true.

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