A worldview

Finding our own worldview

A worldview is a fascinating and essential thing.

A worldview is how you see the world, how you want to be in the world, how you would like the world to be.

For most of the 20th century, the two dominant political worldviews were communism and capitalism. The theoretical collective of the proletariat on the one hand, against the free market, who-dares-wins drive for efficiency and profit on the other.

One story of world history over the past 50 years is how both of those prevailing worldviews failed. Communism drifted to the extremes and eventually suffocated innovation, and capitalism drifted to the extremes and eventually ransacked the many for the benefit of the few.

One big problem with these two was that they were “imposed” , top-down and totalitarian. You couldn’t have capitalism within communism, and you couldn’t have communism within capitalism.

Global political worldviews affect all of us individuals, so it’s important for individuals to have a worldview too.

It took me several years to understand what a worldview was and what it could do, several more to figure out that it was essential, and several more to work out what mine might look like.

After all those years, I would describe my worldview as humanist-spiritualist.

Humanist, because I believe fundamentally in the rights and the power of the individual person. Nobody should tell you how you should live, as long as how you live doesn’t hurt others and society in general.

Spiritualist, because I believe also in the power of the spirit. The unseen. The essential core. Infinite intelligence, higher power, angels, muses, the cosmos, the universe, God or Gaia. Sixth sense. Energy. Heart. Gut.

These two things — on the one hand, the sovereignty of the individual and the responsibility of the individual to fully express himself and do what he can to positively impact on his life and the lives of others; on the other hand, the spiritual and unseen interconnectedness of all of us to each other and to everything around us — can weave intricately together for positive change.

Connected to both of these things is a movement that has been called “conscious capitalism”, or “profit for purpose”.

More than ever before in the history of humanity there is an opportunity for us to spread positive impact through socially-aware, mission-driven business enterprise, and through the magic of the Internet that positive impact can be delivered almost at the speed of light.

Finding your own worldview

As worldviews go, mine is just one.

Maybe the best thing about a worldview is that you can create your own. When you do that and put it out there, you’ll soon discover others with a similar perspective.

Creating your own, moulded from your own unique set of conscious and unconscious experiences and genes and lessons learned, is so much better, I think, than blindly accepting doctrine or dogma handed down by others.