A 10-point, 100-word guide to making decisions

  1. Find a quiet room, sit down and close your eyes
  2. Get Choice A clear in your mind, and visualise that decision having been made
  3. Feel the sensations that come with this decision. Give yourself 2-5 minutes to allow yourself to really feel them. Feel where in your body the sensation is. Feel whether that sensation is good or bad
  4. Repeat closed eyes, visualisation and feeling exercise for other choices available
  5. One choice will become clear. This is your decision. Make that decision
  6. Announce the decision, clearly and concisely, to whoever needs to know about it
  7. Identify the first thing you can do to put this decision into action.
  8. Do that thing without any delay
  9. Do not ruminate, prevaricate or procrastinate
  10. Do not make pro and con lists, unless and until you’ve felt the sensations of the decision having been made (point 3). Because logic is only useful when it’s married to the gut. This is where the most reliable type of thinking, heart-centred thinking, comes from.