#128: The invisible Trust Ledger, silence and insecurity

One thought from me: The Trust Ledger

I wrote a new essay this week.

It’s called How to Build Trust: Investing in The Brand of You.

Trust is almost impossible to define, but it’s essential to our progress in anything that needs the contribution of other people… which, unless you’re living off the land halfway up a mountain, is almost all of us, most of the time.

People keep a Trust Ledger on promises kept, and promises broken.

The notion of the “little black book” isn’t so common anymore, so the Trust Ledger likely does not exist in written form.

But just because it’s not bound and stacked on a shelf in someone’s office doesn’t mean it’s any less real.

And all of us, no matter how conscientious we think we are, have some entries on both sides of the Trust Ledger.

Every time we say we will do something, and we do it, there is a silent, invisible entry on the plus side of the ledger.

And every time we say we will do something, and we don’t, it also goes in.

There are ledger entries for all of us, multiple times every day.

Read the full essay, How to Build Trust: Investing in The Brand of You, here. 

One thought from someone else: How our insecurity can fill silence

Bret Burchard is a US basketball coach who has co-written a new book about mindset with a friend of mine, Chris McAlister.

The book is called Catching Confetti: Developing the Mindset of a Champion, and was launched this week.

Bret and Chris talked about mindset in a webinar this week and one thing Bret said really jumped out at me.

We fill the silence with the voice of our insecurity.

He was talking about the coach-player relationship, and how so many of us insert words and voices and judgments into the silence when we don’t receive praise or positive feedback.

While it related specifically to sports coaching, it applies to many other situations too.

We fill the silence with the voice of our insecurities.

You can find Catching Confetti on Amazon here

One question for you

How can you build a gentler, more loving, more trusting relationship between you and your inner voice?

One more thing…

I’m working on a new project. It’s a shot in the dark that could become a proper business. That’s the aim, anyway.

It brings together a number of things that are essential to me and my life:

  • Writing. Because great writing is exhilarating.
  • Stories. Because stories make sense of a confusing world.
  • People. Because nothing is of any value without people to share it with.
  • Sport. Because sport at its best (from Afghan cricket to football in the favelas to U14 Gaelic games) gives us insights into everything that’s good about human ambition, endeavour, competitiveness, honour and glory.

The project is called Magnificent Irrelevance, and you can find all about it here.