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Shane Breslin Book Rafa Nadal Makes Me Want to Be a Better Man

Book: Rafa Nadal Makes Me Want to Be a Better Man


How to Build Trust: Investing in The Brand of You

August 14th, 2020 We’ve had the fourth industrial revolution, and the passion economy, and the attention economy. All of them are valid. But something that’s perhaps as important as any of those, something that has always been important and is no less important now, is the trust economy. Trust is a vague, indefinable thing. If […]

Seán Boylan and me

This week, on RTE television in Ireland, a new documentary goes out. It’s called, simply, “Seán”, and it’s going to tell some of the story of the legendary Meath Gaelic football coach, Seán Boylan.  Perhaps you’re into US sports but you’ve got no idea about Gaelic football. Vince Lombardi is a decent comparison, and not […]

True North: How to Find Your Guiding Light

how to find your own true north star

The North Star, or finding one’s “true north”, is a concept that has come up a number of times in my reading and viewing in recent weeks. Two examples that come immediately to mind: 1. The Financial Times’ North Star Responding to the suggestions of a couple of friends who I asked for suggestions as […]

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