Tom Brady’s Motivation: 17 Inspiring Quotes, Thoughts and Musings from the Tom vs Time Facebook documentary

Tom Brady is widely regard as the GOAT of American football, the greatest player in the history of the game. He offers a unique brand of motivation. Here’s a list of 17 of my favourite motivational quotes, musings, segments and thoughts from the 5-part series Tom vs Time, which aired on Facebook Watch shortly before the 2017 Super Bowl.

1. Tom Brady on his parents

“I was always fairly self-motivated and my parents just opened the door for me. They never managed my expectations. They never tempered my enthusiasm. They always built on that.”

2. Brady on deeper purpose and miracles

“Spirituality means a lot of different things to different people. For me it’s your deepest purpose. I do want to know the whys of life. I want to know why we’re here. Where we’re going. Trying to find that deeper purpose. To live it through sports in a very authentic way makes so much sense to me. Having these dreams and goals and aspirations, and waking up and putting in the work, and miracles happening, and all this magic that sports creates, and I’m in the middle of it. I get to live that through sports.”

3. Brady on criticism

“I feel that I have a belief in who I am. I chart my own course and then I live the life I want to live. Being physically fit and emotionally stable and spiritually sound. Are there times when I’m frustrated that things are said about me that I wish I could defend? Yeah! But I don’t want to go in that mud every day. Because I know that once I engage I’ll have to re-engage. And I don’t like fighting. That creates inner conflict in me. So I do need to protect myself. If I’m putting my energy out in 20 different areas, then I don’t get to be who I want to be … because I don’t have anything left.”

4. Tom Brady’s throwing coach Tom House on old age

“Old age and treachery always overcome youth and exuberance.”

5. Brady on learning

Brady: “I’ll never let go of losses. That scar tissue is too deep, too thick.”

Off-camera: “Why would you put yourself through it?”

Brady: “Still a lot to learn.”

6. Brady on preparation

“If you want to perform at the highest level, then you have to prepare at the highest level.”

7. Brady on putting yourself to the test

“You never really know what you are. You create this hypothesis of what you are, what you think you are. And then you go test it out. When you finally go up against competition you’re faced with realities. [And it’s] not what you hoped you were, or hoped you would be. You find out where you’re at.”

8. Brady on losing

“I think about losing for days. Days you wake up thinking… It’s too painful. And I could feel like, “It’s just a game”. But because it’s more than just a game for me, I feel like I’m losing in pursuit of what my life is. Thank God there’s another game next Sunday.”

9. Brady on motivations

“I know what my motivations are. And it’s not to satisfy other people. It’s to satisfy myself. And if I’m satisfied with myself I’m good. I feel good. I’m going to live a very purposeful life. I’m going to create change and positivity in a big way, and I want to do that being who I am. People will find negative things to say about that, absolutely. But I’m just going to keep charting my own course.”

10. Brady’s wife Gisele Bündchen on time

“The only thing I believe that limits us is time. What do we want to do with this time? And see what’s important. It’s about priorities.”

11. Brady on expectations

“No-one gives a shit what I’ve done [in the past]. They want me to do it now.”

12. Brady on togetherness

“One of my coaches said something great. He said, ‘I want to look in your eyes and know that you want to same thing that I want. Once I see that I know we’re going in the right direction.’”

13. Brady on leadership

“My connection with [my team] is through joy and love. It’s not through fear, or insults. That’s not how I lead. When you have a group of people who hold each other accountable every day, those are the teammates that you’re looking for. You can keep building on your success, because nothing’s going to change at this point.”

14. Brady on “work-life balance”

“The hard part for me still playing is that my kids are getting older and I’m not available to them. Things still revolve around my schedule, my day. And it’s hard because so much is about their dad’s life. And their dad’s life is great but it’s just their dad’s life, it’s not their life. It’s challenging and you’re always juggling what the right balance is. There’s so much to do with so little time.”

15. Brady on surfing as a life lesson

“I think in a lot of ways surfing is like a metaphor for life. As a beginner I just want to get in there and go out and paddle. When you do that you find yourself in a lot of whitewash. You’re wasting all your energy when there’s nothing to accomplish. In order to be good at it you got to go with it. You can’t fight the force of mother nature. You got to find the rhythm of it.”

16. Brady on continual progress

“I don’t feel like I’m on the last half. I still feel like I’m on the first half. I still feel like I’m charging ahead.”

17. Brady on what’s important

“When you’re young you don’t have perspective. You hit this point when you’re like ‘I’m not a kid anymore’. Then you have a little more perspective in your life. You know what’s important and what’s not important. I’m not putting energy and focus on things that I don’t deem are important. Even though other people might say, ‘Man, this is really important’. I’m like, ‘No it’s not. That’s not important at all.’ I’m going to determine what’s important for me.”